The glass jar is always half full

I’d never really thought about how things bought it the supermarket were displayed in the kitchen until recently. And now I think about it, growing up things were kept in cupboards so you didn’t really see them, but then at University there were so many boxes of cereal/ loaves of bread/ bottles of juice/beer/wine etc that everything was out, all the time. We tried to combat this by having a ‘anything left out is communal’ rule, but it didn’t really help.

When I went to Stockholm to visit my wonderful friend Mia, I went it to her kitchen, and was pleasantly surprised to see most of her food was visible and accessible, but there were no packets to be seen. The solution? GLASS JARS.


(This is not my kitchen, and while I cannot think of a single use for that many cucumber slices, I am still oddly drawn to them.)

What a revelation! Since then I’ve noticed them everywhere, Ikea of course offers excellent inspiration on the ways these can be used. Glass jars in your kitchen say, ‘I’m organised, I know what ingredients I have, and I have minimal clutter in my kitchen and in my life’. Such as this beautiful shelf of goodies in an Ikea photo gallery.


In reality, living in London and working long hours mean I don’t cook that often, so the things in my jars are cereal, tea and coffee, BUT they still look very pretty. They also mean that when I buy Tesco value maple and pecan crunch, I can pretend it was something much fancier. With my new glass jars, courtesy of Ikea and Tesco, I feel calmer, more organised, and much more domesticated. The own-brand vodka and squash in the glass bottles may give another message, but who’s to know! Ha ha.






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