A weekend surprise.

Swedish people are cool. They just are. I was living in France when the Iceland volcano happened, and some of Mia’s swedish friends happened to be visiting at the time. They had stayed with me as I had a big apartment, and I’ve never felt less cool. This mass of blonde hair, pleather and bottled water descended on my flat and then stayed for five days as they figured out how to get back to Sweden when all types of transport had been grounded. I decided then was the time to adjust my shopping habits, though I never came around to bottled water.

Of course today Sweden dresses most of the modern world via the medium of H&M, everyone has heard of them. But what people might not have heard of are all the other super cool swedish brands that are getting more popular by the day. So this weekend, when doing my washing, imagine my JOY when I discovered a tshirt my friend had left behind. Initially I thought it was just a plain white shirt, which is fine, but I have plenty of those. But it wasn’t just a plain white shirt. It was an Acne tshirt.



She has no idea what she’s done, the poor girl, she’s gone off travelling for 3 months, and left this beautiful garment in my possession. How delightful! Being a naturally lazy person, I find the relaxed, informal style of so much Swedish fashion suits me better than the more groomed european alternatives: tshirts, jeans and converse are my default. In my first job out of university I had to wear suits, and it was like making a dog eat with a knife and fork. My current role gives me much more freedom, though being based minutes away from Regent St and Oxford Circus won’t be as beneficial for my bank balance…

My next purchases might be something like these fine items:



(Cos jumper, Filipia K blouse, Maria Nilsdotter ring, Cheap Monday t-shirt, Carin Wester shorts, H&M t-shirt)

So now I’m going to put on my new t-shirt (thanks Stanger!), and prance around pretending I’m Scandanavian.


Puss kram!


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