It’s the new fit, it’s ‘knew fit’

When chatting with a Swedish friend the other day, she was telling me how the attitude towards body image for girls is changing, and it’s less about being skinny, and more about being fit. This is definitely happening in London as well, with healthy diet playing a big part. I mentioned this saying that I am familiar with the concept but haven’t heard the phrase ‘knew fit’ used before, she confessed this was actually a typo, and no one calls it that…

The main difference that I see, is that healthy diet and an outdoor lifestyle are quite new for us, where a traditional British diet is higher in carbs and certain proteins, and less balanced overall. The exercising element is also more of a chore, obviously there are exceptions, we all know a few people who are super into sports, but for the majority they might go to the gym out of obligation, or they may do no exercise at all.

I find that while I enjoy exercising, working long hours means I don’t necessarily want to fit gymming around work, although I suppose the bigger obstacle is that I don’t have a gym membership…I got into running last year, and now more than ever I cannot justify/ be bothered paying for something that I can get for free outside. And now my favourite form is exercise is transporting myself to and from work. Freerun

I will admit that like with most things in my life, I wanted the kit to motivate myself, so I got some Nike Freeruns, and I got a little bit obsessed. Now I wear them almost every day, so much that I should really get another pair for the sake of my foot hygiene… My walk to work is not insignificant at just over 5km, but it is definitely helped by some great views.

Big Ben

I get a great tour of London on my walk, and it never gets old. So, I’ve decided to abandon public transport, get my sensible shoes on, and get outside: stage one of my healthy lifestyle.




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