Cheap (skate) Monday

I pretty much live in my Cheap Monday jeans. I’m quite tall (5’9″), and used to always struggle finding jeans that were long enough for my big ol’ legs. I had been looking for a solid pair of high waisted jeans for a while when I remembered that a Swedish friend used to always have really great jeans. I asked her where they were from, and she said Cheap Monday: I vaguely recognised the logo but hadn’t heard the name.

When she told me we were living in the south of France where they had JUST got an H&M and a Zara, but the likes of anywhere that sold CM jeans were nowhere to be found. But now I live in London, and we get our own CM store, and it’s a MAGICAL place.

photo 1-1

I now have three pairs, in the same style (second skin) because every time I need a new pair of jeans I always vaguely entertain the idea that I’ll go somewhere else, but realistically I can’t be bothered. This works for me, and until I tire of super skinny jeans I probably won’t change. Even then I can probably just branch out in a DIFFERENT CM style. Shock Horror.

The problem I face today, is that my favourite pair, have a hole so large (ok, several holes) that wearing them is pretty much indecent exposure.

photo 2-1

This is the smallest hole… I decided something had to be done. So what did I do? Like any good Swede, I got out my Ikea sewing machine :).

photo 3-1

With my sewing machine was the only material I had, and it is red. This is not the same colour as my jeans, I also only had white thread. Maybe I should have waited until I could procure some darker material and thread, but I’m impatient, so I threw caution to the wind and decided to proceed with the repair.

The next problem: how on earth do you fit a pair of jeans into a sewing machine?

photo 4

I tried for about 30 seconds before realising that attempting to do this would surely end in disaster; the loss of my jeans, and a phone call to Mum explaining that I had sabotaged both my trousers and the machine, it would then have sat on the table in my flat for several weeks, until my flatmates finally got sick of it and made me move it.

As the sewing machine clearly was not an option, I turned to hand sewing. When the jeans were inside out, I was really quite pleased with my handiwork, I’d made a neat little square, I’d even gone over some seams to make sure the material didn’t break.

photo 1-2

It was only when I turned my jeans the right way out that I saw quite how budget my repair was. (Thought I actually kind of like it, it makes me feel like a pirate). I was told it looked like I had some sort of nasty thigh injury, but haters will hate won’t they? So I ignored it.

photo 2-2I suppose I should really have bought some new jeans, but a new pair just wouldn’t be the same, and since Swedes are so sensible, I thought a repair was something they might at least try to prolong the life of a what is ultimately a sterling piece of national design.

Or maybe I’m just making excuses for the fact I’m such a cheapskate :).



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