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I’ve been interested in eating healthily for a while now, it really started after visiting a friend in Dubai who spent the week trying to sell me on the benefits of Paleo, the caveman diet. I returned to London and did a shopping trip with my caveman shopping list, all vegetables and meat and milk that isn’t made from dairy or soya… I struggled to find much I could eat without spending thousands of pounds, but I tried it for a few days. It was too much of a change, and I lasted about a day. Maybe not even a whole day…

So I’ve been trying to be healthier, but without doing anything so extreme, and I’ve found that loads of blogs have ideas for healthy eating so I just pick and choose. 


One of my favourites is Deliciously Ella, she has so many recipes that sound delicious (hence the name I guess…) although some of them use ingredients that are so difficult to find/ expensive that sometimes I adapt them to suit me. 


Last weekend I bought a JUICER…

– I bought this one because I thought we didn’t have a blender, shortly after my housemate found several blenders that were hiding in a, ahem, bright green box, and had been the whole time, and I wish I’d bought this one because I think it’s cooler…- 

Anyway, this was partly in response to a comment from my boss (I manage the catering at an advertising company) that we should start doing juices, and spent most of Saturday creating a huge mess in my kitchen. But aside form the juices, I made some delicious Granola, and some Almond milk. I LOVE cereal, but my favourite cereal (Country Crisp) is so full of sugar, that I figured it would be good to find an alternative. I followed one of Ella’s recipes for Cinnamon Pecan Granola, although I did encounter two hurdles: the first was that I burnt all the sultanas, I don’t know why they burn so much more easily than everything else (I’m sure I could Google this but, well, I just haven’t…), the second thing, was that I managed to forget to add the oats! 


After a very boring 15 minutes spent picking out all the burnt sultanas, and another half an hour toasting the oats I had forgotten to add but once that was done I mixed everything together and no-one ever had to know that it didn’t turn out perfectly first time. Sneaky sneaky. 


Now on to the Almond milk: I love almond milk, but I begrudge paying so much for it, so I knew I had to try this. I also found this recipe on Deliciously Ella, though I’ve seen almost the exact same recipe on a couple of other blogs so I don’t know where it came from initially. I almost forgot to soak the almonds, I probably wouldn’t have bothered, except that the recipe said it was the most important step. So I dragged myself out of bed and popped some (blanched) almonds in a pint glass that was next to my bed (like the glamorous girl that I am) so they were ready to be milked in the morning. 


I managed to complete all the steps without forgetting anything, and my almond milk is delicious! Although I didn’t have any muslin to drain it through, so I used a sieve, which didn’t give quite such good results. When I leave my milk in the fridge it separates, and it doesn’t really work in hot drinks, but give the bottle a little shake and it’s perfect for my granola. 


I’ve found that unlike Paleo or cutting out sugar completely eating things that aren’t over processed is much easier, and now I’m starting to find myself looking at things that are full of unnatural ingredients and not wanting to eat them. 


Healthy here I come!!


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