Like a tiny phoenix rising from a useless blender’s ashes.

This weekend, I have been blissfully domesticated. In my pursuit of eating clean I am trying to cook more and in my pursuit of creating a beautiful, Swedish style home I am trying to keep the flat tidy and looking fabulous.

One of my adventures this weekend was attempting to make hummus. In the past hummus is something I’ve tried to make, but always thought that shop-bought versions tasted better so I didn’t bother. But I was inspired after leaving working on Friday with three bags of spinach that were going out of date on Saturday, and was searching for recipes that would use ALL the spinach. I didn’t find that, but I did find a recipe for spinach pancakes (courtesy of Deliciously Ella, of course), and one of the suggested toppings was hummus, so I thought in the spirit of a cooking filled weekend, I’d give it a bash.

Ingredients, easy enough: Chickpeas, tahini (we thought we had some in the flat, couldn’t find it, bought more, found it today), cumin, paprika (ok I didn’t add this becuase I assumed we had some, never assume…) lemon juice and red peppers.


Method: This seemed fine, I figured I throw everything in the blender attachment that came with my beloved juicer, however, this plan was thwarted when the blades seemed to be spinning with zero effect on the chickpeas. Bad juicer.

I tried to keep poking it down, and add more lemon juice, but to no avail. I briefly considered the idea of running to Argos and buying a food processor, but then I got a grip and realised that throwing money at the problem was only going to mean more equipment to store in our small kitchen. Silly Girl.


I then remembered flatmate number 3’s tiny food processor; I’d used this before for whizzing nuts to go in granola and it did a sterling job, so I gave it a try and it was fantastic! Although it’s diminutive size meant I had to do the hummus in about 5 batches, and I added most of the peppers in to one without thinking so this then had to be mixed with the pepper-less batches. No problem.


So here’s a brief summary of steps: Whiz the chickpeas, tahini and lemon juice, add the cumin and paprika (if you remembered to buy them), during this time roast the peppers, then add the peppers in to the mixer, mix all together then put in a bowl and look at how pretty your hummus is.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Lessons I have learned from today:

– Check if you have the ingredients you need before you hit the supermarket*

– Homemade hummus is REALLY good

– Homemade hummus has nothing bad in it: Well, if you ate a whole jar of tahini it wouldn’t be very good for you, but don’t do that

– A baby food processor does as good of a job as a maxi food processor

All in all, a productive afternoon.


*My disorganisation denotes a clearly anti-Swedish trait, I’m working on it.


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