Cupboard Swedification

As part of my super domestic weekend, I decide to address the issue of the inside of cupboards. I think I touched on this briefly before, I am aiming for one step at a time, generally using cupboards as a handy mask for my mess, and shoving things in them so to the rest of the world I seem to be organised, and minimalist.

It will be quite a process tackling all the cupboards in the flat, but I thought I should start somewhere.


It was going to be one of these two, and because I’m lazy and magpie-like, I chose the easier and brighter one.

The process itself was fairly simple: I removed everything from the cupboard, lined it all up in themes, and replaced everything in different orders. But what I learned was that I a) have a lot of bad food that I wouldn’t eat anymore (that was removed/ offered to flatmates, aren’t I considerate) b) rarely use anything that isn’t on the bottom shelf and within view and c) I seem to have a compulsion for buying own-brand sultanas…


I was obviously pleased with the end result, though it made me want to get MORE JARS, and less of anything that is not tall and thin/stackable as this messes with the organisation.

However, on the basis that at a glance the before and after photos look almost the same, I have made the executive decision that to try and change the pan-cupboard would be to take away it’s identity, so I will leave him be. Or maybe I’m just having an English day…


I think this is one area where my Swedification skills may just have to evolve naturally; I cannot bring myself to be super concerned about the inner state of my kitchen cupboards. Time to focus on the more fun things.

Hopefully your cupboards are more organised than mine!




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