‘Fridge Hummus’

Since I first tried making hummus, I’ve been having fun making it with different things and seeing how much my spaceship type blender can do (an amazing find in a cupboard in my flat). This weekend we had to defrost our freezer as half the drawers were frozen shut, so we tried to use up as much stuff as possible from the fridge and the freezer; I also feel like a sensible anti-waste attitude is the sort of sensible thing Swedes would approve of, and luckily this is something I’m keen on already. 

I decided to see what could be added to hummus and chuck it all together. 



For some reason we had about 4 bags of carrots in various forms, I don’t know if it’s that me and my two flatmates all buy them or that one of them buys them then forgets and buys more… (I think it’s the latter). One or two of the shallots were mouldy, but the rest were fine, and the chillis and extra half onion were a nice little bonus. I cut all the addition bits so I could roast them and popped them on a baking tray. 



I also decided to use half chickpeas and half butter beans: a while ago my mum wanted to make some hummus, but bought butter beans by mistake. She made the hummus anyway, and said it was delicious! I gave it a try the other day with just butter beans, tahini and lemon juice, but I thought it was a bit bland. I later added some cooked red onion, but I forgot to re-blend it so it was nice but could have been nicer. 

I drizzled a little sesame oil on the veg before I roasted it, just because I love the flavour, and I can’t really taste it now but I think the veg would have dried out a bit too much otherwise. 

I took the veg out of the oven and had planned to leave it to cool while I went out for lunch, so I put it in the blender so it was ready when I got back. Once I did that I remembered that before I would blend the chickpeas and tahini first THEN add the extra bits afterwards. As the roast veg were already in the blender I thought I might as well put everything else in there too. 



This blender is quite intense, level 4 is pretty scary and I’m always a little bit nervous when I use it…! A few whizzes and some added water later, I had some delicious ‘use-up-stuff-in-the-fridge’ hummus. 



So delicious! And so helpful, as now there’s a load more room in the fridge, and I imagine the carrots and shallots would have gone mouldy before they were used so it’s a win win situation! 



I took a little jar of hummus as a consolation for the fact that I was so late for lunch; it more than helped, and went really well with the oat and yoghurt bread my friend had made, that might be one of my next kitchen projects. I’m on a permanent mission to eat clean, and while I’m nowhere near achieving it all the time, I’m getting better. 

Try it! 


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