30 day yoga challenge? Embraced.

A while ago I decided that I wanted to start doing Yoga. I think it was in part due to the increased stresses of work and London life in general, and partly because it’s quite cool… but I found the closest I got was agreeing to go to a yoga class with a friend who LOVES it, and having to cancel at the last minute due to working late (it’s ok, I met them for dinner afterwards).

I found the two limiting factors of starting yoga here to be the timetables (not early/ late enough) and the astronomical price. I just cannot justify spending £60 a month on yoga, a hobby which I’ll probably forget about in six weeks.

I needed a reasonably priced option with a short-term goal, at least initially. I started looking online and didn’t have to go very far. I found a handily titled 30 Day Yoga Challenge on YouTube, from a channel called ‘Do You Yoga’.  The daily videos seem to be around 15 minutes long, so there’s really no excuse not to fit them in somewhere, though I did do two on Saturday after abandoning Friday’s video so I could go to the pub…

But so far it’s going pretty well, the teacher Erin Motz, seems super friendly (I know that’s kind of her job, but still) and I feel like I’m already making progress! Today we were learning the Crow, which is pretty difficult, and I still can’t really get my feet flat on the floor, but hey!

So day 7, so far so good: I’ll keep you posted!


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