Unique homemade wedding gifts

Last year was the start of all my friends getting married or engaged, and since we were spending all our money on getting to the weddings and hen parties, there wasn’t much left to spend on presents. But even if money wasn’t a motivation, I’ve always preferred making gifts that are unique rather than buying something that they might like.


This way even if they hate it, at least some thought has gone in to it so they can’t hate it that much!


This one was for two of my closest friends, who met while we were all studying in France and now live in Belgium (where he is from, she is Canadian). Their wedding date is at the bottom. I decided that since they met in France it would always be a special place for them, hence the French flag and phrase (We found love).


Sadly the frame didn’t survive the courier to Belgium…next time I’ll take it with me on the Eurostar! IMG_3796


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