Pencil me in! Save The Date adventures

I recently did a friends wedding invitations, which was equally a fun project for me and a favour for her. They came out better than I expected, and her sister who got engaged shortly after has asked me to do hers as well.

(*Cue dreams of my stationary business taking over the world*)

The wedding isn’t until June 2017, so there’s ages before those need to be done, but she sent me an idea she had found for a Save The Date on Pinterest, and I thought I’d give it a go.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 21.31.22

(Clearly Sarah & Ben were light years ahead if they were rocking this design 10 years ago…)

I’m not sure of the best way to print directly onto luggage tags using a regular printer, and my research suggested what most people did was to print on clear sticky vinyl (or something similar) then stick that on to the luggage tag. I didn’t really like the sound of that and also wanted the heart cut out. I bought a Cricut Explore Air last year and thought it was going to unlock a world of craft brilliance, though I found(/find) it to be quite slow and frustrating to use. Having not used it in several months, I thought this could be the perfect job for it.

The design software for the Cricut is a bit rubbish, so I’ve found the best way to be to design my artwork in Adobe Illustrator then save it as an svg file to import to the Cricut design space. My basic luggage tag looked like this:

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 21.18.21.png

I made my scalloped luggage tag by drawing a rectangle and three small circles. I used the Shape Builder tool to join them together and to get rid of the bits I didn’t want and then used the Compound Path tool to get the hole and heart cutouts.

The next challenge was how to do the text: all the fonts on your computer appear in the Cricut software, but the non-Cricut ones don’t display well. Even when you put spaces between the words they all stick together, so the only way I have found to get around that is to do a separate text box for each word, place them where I want them then group them together. Alternatively for less detailed artwork you can do all the text in Illustrator and import as a picture, but the writing here was too squiggly for this to work.

Once I had all the text in the right place, I lined up 4 tags on one sheet of card and sent them off to print. They came out amazingly!

Now all I have to do it keep myself busy while I print 70 of them…

It was worth it!


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